The Reviews Are Starting to Roll in for 'The Jesus Rolls'

A little of Jesus goes a long way, whereas Turturro’s over-the-top Puerto Rican caricature occupies every scene of a movie committed to challenging expectations about machismo and the very stereotypes from which the Jesus character was born. With his signature strut, hairnet-covered cornrows, purple-painted pinky nail and disarmingly high voice, Jesus Quintana may seem like a big joke to some (he was played that way in “The Big Lebowski”), but Turturro believes in him as a real, complex human being.

 The Hollywood Reporter:
Turturro’s Jesus Quintana is certainly the best thing in this fluffy indie, and it’s a pity he doesn’t have a more meaningful trajectory. He gets an automatic laugh of appreciation posing in profile with his trademark purple pinkie nail, which is now supplemented by several gold rings and long braided hair. But these details are forgotten in the chain of repetitive joyrides in stolen muscle cars which, along with sex, are the only things that make him happy.

Maybe something was lost in translation....


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